Gifts for Teen Boys

We do ask that you please refrain from donating gifts which portray guns or violence.

For more specific ideas, please check our Amazon Wishlist!

Gift Cards

  • Local Sores and Restaurants
  • Fast Food Places (McDonald's, Subway, Tim Horton's, Pizza Pizza, Dominos, Dairy Queen, A&W, etc.)
  • Tanger Outlets
  • Canadian Tire
  • Giant Tiger
  • Marks Work Warehouse
  • EB Games
  • Other Local Stores

Robot Building Kit

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Headphones or Speakers
Wireless Earbuds
Toque with Built-In Headphones
Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Sports Equipment, Balls or Water Bottle
Indoor Mini Basketball Hoop
Hover Football
Disc Golf Set
Table Tennis Set
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
2-in-1 Hockey and Soccer Set

Complete Skateboard Kit
Penny Board


Sleds and Toboggans 

Drawing Kits

For some ideas, click here, here, or here

LED Lights

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Board or Card Games

Some great options could be the DropMix Music Gaming System, Telestrations, What Do You Meme?, Throw Throw BurritoSettlers of Catan, or Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Begins.

Sun or Blue Light-Blocking Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Woodies Sunglasses


Hoodies or Graphic T-Shirts

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Coding Sets

Drone or Remote Controlled Car
Remote Controlled Shark Toy
Mini Drone
Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Drone Toy

Table Top Air Hockey Game

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Personal Mini-Fridge

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Hyenine Gift Set 
Nivea for Men Gift Set
Shaving Items
Dove for Men Gift Set
Axe Phoenix Holiday Gift Set
Old Spice Holiday Gift Set
Adidas Moves for Him Fragrance Gift Set
Phillips Electric Toothbrush

Sporty Slide Sandals

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A Cozy Burrito Blanket

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A Cool Backpack
Champion Backpack
Adidas Backpack

Funko Pops
Funko Pops 2021 Advent Calendar
Space Jam 2: 2 Pack Pops

Lego Sets
Shuttle Set