Virtual Angel Tree FAQ

Lanark County Interval House will continue to support women and children this 2023 Holiday Season.

We have arranged several giving options, and with your support, together we can make the holidays bright for our families.

Using the Angel Tree Website

The virtual Angel Tree site will function like any online shop.

 Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Select which type of "angel" you would like to support: a woman, boy teen, girl teen or 8 to 12 year old boy or girl. You can choose from one “angel”, or multiple.
  2. Push "check out" and then input the relevant information.
  3. Once you have checked out, you should receive a confirmation email. 

General FAQ

1. What is the mission of Lanark County Interval House and Community Support (LCIHCS)?
All women and their children have the right to live a life free of sexual and domestic violence.   We will provide protection, support, safer options and advocacy toward the elimination of violence against women.

For full details on Lanark County Interval House and Community Support, visit www.lcih.org.

2. Who does LCIHCS support over the holidays?

We support the women and children that access our services. This includes women all over Lanark County and Smiths Falls. Last year, we supported over 300 families!

3. How much should I donate?

The size of the donation you make is entirely up to you. No donation is too small!

4. If I want to purchase a gift for a woman what should I consider?

Women often leave their abuser for safety and with minimal personal belongings. Each need is different but the most common requested items are pajamas, warm gloves, sweaters, wraps, cozy blankets. Women are really touched by knowing the community is thinking of them, this is when they know they are NOT ALONE. Think about what you would like, and then it’s the perfect gift!

5. If I want to purchase a gift for a child what should I consider?

Children love soft cuddly toys, interactive education toys, books, anything Lego, electronics and fun things to keep them busy! We ask that you do not purchase toy guns or violent games of any kind.

6. If I want to purchase a gift for a teen what should I consider?

Like all in this age group teens can be a challenge to buy for. We suggest anything Lego, electronics, sleds, or gift cards to a local stores, Canadian Tire, EB games, Giant Tiger, and local restaurants.

7. Should I wrap my gift?

We request that you do not wrap the gifts; however they can be put in gift bags, with age selection attached to it.

8, What is the deadline for donating gifts?

The deadline for your unwrapped gift donations is December 13th, 2023.

9. How many women and children does LCIHCS help each Christmas?

Last year we provided Christmas request for over 300 women and children. This year our numbers have increased.

10. Does my donation go directly to Lanark County Interval House and Community Support holiday giving program?

Yes, we have many women and children fleeing violence and abuse in Lanark County and Smiths Falls who need our support.

11. Where can I drop off my gifts?
We will have a bin outside our shelter location, but gifts can also be dropped off IDA or Rona in Carleton Place or Independent Grocers in Almonte, Perth and Smiths Falls.  

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